Ford KA+ (2016-2017) fuses and relays


In this article, we consider the third-generation Ford KA before a facelift, produced from 2016 to 2017. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Ford KA+ 2016 and 2017, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Layout Ford KA Plus 2016-2017


Passenger Compartment Fuse Box

Fuse Box Location

This fuse box is located behind the glove box (open the glove box and empty the contents, press the sides inward and swivel the glove compartment downward).The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Ford KA+ (2016, 2017)

Fuse Box Diagram

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Ford KA+ (2016, 2017)


Assignment of the fuses in the instrument panel

Amp Description
10A  Audio unit (without SYNC). 
30A  Not used. 
20A  Not used. 
7.5A  Power windows logic (one touch up/down). 
Power mirrors. 
10A  Climate control module. 
SYNC module. 
Multi function display. 
Integrated control panel. 
GPS module. 
USB charger(without SYNC). 
7.5A  Instrument cluster.  Datalink.  Gateway module (with SYNC). 
10  5A  Climate control module (without A/C). 
In-car temperature sensor (with EATC). 
Electric power assist steering. 
12  10A  Airbag control module.  Passenger Airbag desactivation switch.  Windshield washer pump. 
14  –  Not used. 
16  30A  Body control module ignition relay. 
17  20A  Radio supply battery. 
18  10A  Datalink. 
Gateway module (with SYNC). 
19  10A  Ignition switch. 
20  –  Not used. 
21  10A  Not used. 
22  10A  Rear parking aid module. 
23  20A  Power door locks relay. 
24  25A  Not used. 
CB 01  30A  Power windows. 

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Fuse Box Location

The fuse box is located next to the battery. The Battery Fuse Box is attached to the battery positive terminal.The location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Ford KA+ (2016, 2017)


Fuse Box Diagram

Under-hood fuse box diagram: Ford KA+ (2016, 2017)

Assignment of the fuses in the engine compartment

Amp Description
40A  Blower motor. 
–  Not used. 
–  Not used. 
30A  Vehicles four and five doors without heated seat.
Vehicle five doors with heated seat. 
40A  Vehicle four doors with heated seat. 
30A  Starter relay. 
–  Not Used 
–  Not used. 
5A  Power control module relay coil. 
Fuel pump relay coil. 
Ignition relay coil. 
10A  AC compressor. 
10  –  Not used. 
11  –  Not used. 
12  –  Not used. 
13  –  Not used. 
14  –  Not used. 
15  –  Not used. 
16  –  Not used. 
17  20A  Cigar Lighter. 
18  10A  Horn. 
19  7.5A  Heated Mirrors 
20  20A  Powertrain control module. 
21  20A  HEGO sensor. 
CMS sensor. 
Purge valve. 
Variable camshaft timing. 
22  5A  A/C relay coil. 
Cooling fan relay coil. 
23  15A  Ignition coil. 
24  –  Not used. 
25  5A  Wiper relay coil. 
26  5A  Heated backlite relay coil. 
27  10A  Anti-lock brake system module. 
Headlamp leveller. 
28  10A  Powertrain control module. 
29  –  Not used. 
30  –  Not used. 
31  40A  Anti-lock brake system. 
32  –  Not used. 
33  30A  Trailer tow. 
34  20A  Heated seats. 
35  30A  Cooling Fan 
36  –  Not used. 
37  20A  Fuel pump. 
Fuel injectors. 
38  20A  Electronic stability control module. 
39  10A  Brake switch. 
40  20A  Horn relays. 
41  20A  Front wiper motor. 
42  15A  Rear wiper motor. 
43  10A  Horn. 
44  10A  Daytime running light. 
R1  Powertrain control module and loads. 
R2  Wiper. 
R3  Ignition loads. 
R4  Daytime running light. 
R5  Starter motor. 
R6  AC compressor. 
R7  Heated backlite. 
R8  Heated seats. 
R9  Horn (Body control module). 
R10  Cooling fan. 
R11  Not used. 
R12  Blower motor. 
R13  Fuel pump. 

Battery Fuses

Battery Fuses: Ford KA+ (2016, 2017)

Amp Description
450A  Starter motor. 
60A  Electrical power assisted steering.  
—  Engine junction box. 
125A  Body control module. 
70A  Not used. 

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