How to check the fuses?

There are several methods to check fuses in your car:

  • Visual inspection;
  • Testing with a multimeter;
  • Using a circuit tester.

Visual inspection


Inspect a fuse in your car to check its fusible element continuity. So, if the inside connector has melted, you need to replace the fuse. However, sometimes the wire may look intact even in the blown fuse.

Visual inspection of the fuses

Testing with a multimeter

First of all, it is necessary to switch your tester to continuity mode (the icon typically looks like a sound wave). Then, touch both fuse’s contact pads with the multimeter probes. If the circuit is good, the tester will beep.

Testing fuses with a multimeter

Using a circuit tester

Circuit tester is any voltage tester or a lamp connected with wires. To check your fuse, you need to switch on a broken circuit. First, connect one probe’s wire to the battery’s (-) terminal. Then, touch one contact pad of the fuse with the second probe’s wire. Repeat this action with the second contact pad. If one fuse terminal has a voltage and the other does not, it means the fusible element has melted.

Testing fuses with a circuit tester

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