Ford GT (2017-2019..) fuses and relays


In this article, we consider the second-generation Ford GT, available from 2017 to the present. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Ford GT 2017 and 2018, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Layout Ford GT 2017-2019…

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Ford GT is the fuse #36 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Fuse box location

Passenger compartment

The fuse panel is in the passenger footwell behind the toeboard panel.The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Ford GT (2017, 2018, 2019)

To remove the toeboard panel, rotate each of the four fasteners, and then pull the toeboard panel toward you. Once you remove this panel, you can access the fuse panel. After replacing a fuse, reinstall the toeboard panel and rotate the fasteners back to their original position.

Underhood compartment

The location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Ford GT (2017, 2018, 2019)H – Front Power Distribution Box
– Rear Power Distribution Box 1
J – Rear Power Distribution Box 2 (if equipped)

Fuse box diagrams

2017, 2018

Passenger compartment

Interior fuse box diagram: Ford GT (2017, 2018)

Passenger compartment fuse box (2017, 2018)

Amp Rating Protected Components
1 Not used.
2 7.5A Not used (spare).
3 20A Driver unlock relay. Double lock relay.
4 5A Not used (spare).
5 20A Not used (spare).
6 10A Not used (spare).
7 10A Not used (spare).
8 10A Not used (spare).
9 10A Brake on/off (BOO) switch.
10 5A Push button start switch.
11 5A Right and left exterior door locks and handles.
12 7.5A RF transceiver module (RTM).
13 7.5A Steering column control module logic. Smart datalink connector logic. Instrument cluster.
14 10A Extended power mode (EPM) module.
15 10A Smart datalink connector (SDLC) power.
16 15 A Decklid release relay.
17 5A Combined sensor module.
18 5A Telematics control unit (TCU)- Modem.
19 7.5A Not used (spare).
20 7.5A Front damper controllers.
21 5A Shift indicator module (HUD). Interior temperature sensor.
22 5A Extended power mode module.
23 10A Right window switch illumination. Right door lock switch illumination. Left door lock switch illumination. Power mirror/window switch (motor). Right smart window motor (logic). Left smart window motor (logic).
24 20A Central lock relay. Central unlock relay.
25 30A Left smart window motor.
26 30A Right smart window motor.
27 30A Not used (spare).
28 20A Electronic steering column lock (relay supply).
29 30A Not used (spare).
30 30A Not used (spare).
31 15A Not used (spare).
32 10A SYNC. Audio on/off switch. Gear shift module (GSM). HVAC ECU power.
33 20A Audio control module (ACM).
34 30A Run-start relay (R12).
35 5A Steering angle sensor (SSAM).
36 15A Power point.
37 20A Battery junction box (BJB) F60, F62, F64, F66, F65.
38 Not used.
Front Power Distribution Box

Front Power Distribution Box: Ford GT (2017, 2018)

Front Power Distribution Box (2017, 2018)

Amp Rating Protected Components
1 Vehicle dynamics module relay.
2 Radiator fan 1 relay.
3 HVAC blower relay.
4 Wipers relay.
5 Radiator fan 2 relay.
6 Horn relay.
7 50A Body control module.
8 Shunt.
9 40A Vacuum pump.
10 25 A Wiper.
11 40A Radiator fan 2.
12 50A Body control module.
13 60A Body control module.
14 40A Radiator fan 1.
15 40A HVAC Blower.
16 40A Antilock brake system.
17 40A Antilock brake system.
18 30A Body control module.
19 Vacuum pump relay.
20 5A Vehicle dynamics module.
21 20A Left headlamp.
22 5A Antilock brake system.
23 20A Horn.
24 20A Electronic door system.
25 20A Right headlamp.
Rear Power Distribution Box 1

Rear Power Distribution Box 1: Ford GT (2017, 2018)


Rear Power Distribution Box 1 (2017, 2018)

Amp Rating Protected Components
1 15A Vehicle power 3.
2 5A Mass airflow.
3 10A Engine control module.
4 5A Transmission control module.
5 20A Vehicle power 1.
6 5A Keep alive power.
7 Not used.
8 5A Rear video camera.
9 Not used.
10 10A Alternator sense.
11 10A Air conditioner.
12 10A Damper.
13 15A Vehicle power 4.
14 Not used.
15 5A Battery backup sounder.
16 5A Engine control module. Run/start.
17 20A Vehicle power 2.
18 15A Injector.
19 30A Fuel pump 1.
20 30A Fuel pump 2.
21 30A Transmission control module fan.
22 30A Starter.
23 30A Charge air cooler fan.
24 Shunt.
25 Charge air cooler fan relay.
26 Transmission control module fan relay (2017).
27 Fuel pump 1 relay.
28 AC clutch relay.
29 Starter relay.
30 Fuel injection relay.
31 Fuel pump 2 relay.
32 Engine control module relay.
Rear Power Distribution Box 2 (2018)

Rear Power Distribution Box 2: Ford GT (2018)

Rear Power Distribution Box 2 (2018)

Amp Rating Protected Components
1 Transmission gear fluid cooler fan relay.
2 Engine oil cooler fan relay.
3 Transmission clutch fluid cooler fan relay.
4 Not used.
5 Not used.
6 Not used.
7 20A Engine oil cooler fan.
8 30A Transmission clutch fluid cooler fan.
9 20A Transmission gear fluid cooler fan.
10 Not used.

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