Oldsmobile 88 / Eighty-Eight (1994-1999) fuses and relays


In this article, we consider the tenth-generation Oldsmobile 88 (Eighty-Eight), produced from 1992 to 1999. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Layout Oldsmobile 88 / Eighty-Eight 1994-1999



Fuse Box Location

There are two fuse blocks: on the driver’s side and passenger’s side of the passenger compartment under the instrument panel.

The driver’s side fuse block is to the left of the steering wheel, under the instrument panel (snap off the cover to reveal the fuses).Fuse Box Location: Oldsmobile 88 (1994-1999)

The passenger side fuses are located in the relay center, on the right, below the instrument panel. You must remove the sound insulator on the right side of the passenger footwell.Relay Center location: Oldsmobile 88 (1994-1999)

Fuse box diagrams

Driver’s Side

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Oldsmobile 88 (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)

Assignment of the fuses in the Driver’s Side Fuse Block

1 1994-1997: Power Window;
1999: Not Used
2 Not Used
3 Power Seats
4 Not Used
5 Not Used
1A 1994-1995: Start-up Signal – Air Bag;
1996-1999: PASS-Key
2A Spare
3A Not Used
4A 1994-1995: Interior Lamps;
1996-1999: Not Used
5A 1994-1995: Ignition (Run), Automatic A/C Control, Base Cluster (1995);
1996-1999: Ignition (Run), Automatic A/C Control, Cruise Control
6A Courtesy Lamps, Power Mirrors
7A Not Used
8A Not Used
9A 1995-1997: Cigar Lighter;
1999: Not Used
1B 1994-1995: Turn Signal, Back-up Lamps, Cornering Lamps, Brake-Transaxle Shift Interlock;
1996-1999: Turn Signal, Back-Up Lamps, Brake-Transaxle Shift Interlock
2B Spare
3B Not Used
4B Not Used
5B 1994-1995: Anti-Lock Brake System;
1996-1999: Anti-Lock Brake System, Electronic Level Control
6B Brake and Hazard Lamps
7B Not Used
8B 1994-1995: Not Used;
1996-1999: Interior Lighting
9B 1994: Not Used;
1995-1997: Electronic Level Control;
1999: Cigar Lighter
1C Air Bag System
2C Spare
3C Not Used
4C Not Used
5C Cooling Fans, Transaxle
6C Parking Lamps
7C Not Used
8C Not Used
9C 1994-1995: (Battery) Chime, Radio, Cluster;
1996-1999: Battery, Radio, Cluster
1D Ignition (Run/Crank), Chime, Cluster
2D Spare
3D 1994: Not Used;
1995: Heater Mirror;
1996-1999: Not Used
4D Not Used
5D Base A/C
6D 1994: Not Used;
1995-1999: Fog Lamps
7D 1994-1997: Not Used;
1999: Transaxle
8D Radio
9D Not Used
1E Auxiliary Outlets
2E 1994-1995: Not Used;
1996-1999: Air Bag System, PASS-Key II
3E Ignition (Off/Unlock)
4E Not Used
5E 1994-1995: Not Used;
1996-1999: Rear Defog
6E Not Used
7E 1994-1997: Not Used;
1999: Misc Engine (Non-OBD II)
8E Wipers, Washer
9E 1994-1995: Rear Defog;
1996-1999: Not Used

Passenger’s Side

Relay Center Diagram: Oldsmobile 88 (1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999)

Assignment of the fuses and relays in the Relay Center

1 Door Locks
2 1994: Antenna, Lock Switch;
1995: Antenna, Lock Switch, Trunk Release;
1996-1999: Trunk Release, RAC
3 Horns
4 Not Used
5 1994-1995: Cruise Control, Misc. Engines Controls;
1996-1999: Miscellaneous Engine Controls (OBD II)
6 Fuel Pump
7 Injectors
8 1994-1995: Powertrain Control Module, PASS-Key;
1996-1999: Powertrain Control Module
9 1994: Not Used;
1995: A/C Programmer;
1996-1999: Not Used
10 Not Used
11 1994: A/C Programmer;
1995: Not Used;
1996-1997: A/C Programmer;
1999: Not Used
12 Not Used
Relays (1996-1999)
R1 Park Lamps
R2 Not Used
R3 Not Used
R4 Fuel Pump
R5 Not Used
R6 Headlamps
R7 Power Windows / Sunroof
R8 Rear Defogger
R9 Retained Accessory Power (ACCY)
R10 Electronic Level Control (ELC)
R11 Luggage Compartment Lid Release
R12 Not Used
R13 Driver Door Unlock
R14 Fog Lamps

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