Mercury Sable (1996-1999) fuses and relays


In this article, we consider the third-generation Mercury Sable, produced from 1996 to 1999. Here you will find fuse box diagrams of Mercury Sable 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999, get information about the location of the fuse panels inside the car, and learn about the assignment of each fuse (fuse layout) and relay.

Fuse Layout Mercury Sable 1996-1999


Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuse in the Mercury Sable is the fuse #21 in the Instrument panel fuse box.

Fuse Box Location

Passenger Compartment

The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Pull the panel cover outward to access the fuses.The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Mercury Sable (1996-1999)

Engine Compartment

The power distribution box is located in the engine compartment near the battery.The location of the fuses in the engine compartment: Mercury Sable (1996-1999)

Fuse box diagrams

1996, 1997

Instrument Panel

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Mercury Sable (1996, 1997)

Assignment of the fuses in the instrument panel (1996, 1997)

Ampere Rating Description
1 Not used
2 5A Instrument Illumination
3 10A Left low beam headlamp
4 10A Right low beam headlamp
5 5A Brake shift interlock, rear defroster
6 15A MLPS switch, backup lamps, speed control, climate control;
7 10A MLPS switch, starter relay
8 5A Power antenna, radio control unit, GEM
9 10A ABS, central temperature monitor;
10 20A EEEC relay, PCM Relay, ignition coil, PATS, radio
11 5A Air bag indicator, instrument cluster
12 5A Instrument cluster, autolamps, transaxle control switch, integrated control panel, GEM
13 5A Air bag, blower motor, electronic automatic temperature control module
14 5A 1996: Air suspension, Lamp outage indication;
1997: Lamp outage indication
15 10A Turn signals
16 Not used
17 30A Wiper system (front)
18 5A Headlamp switch
19 15A Wiper system (rear)
20 5A Integrated control panel, remote entry, cellular phone, cigar lighter (1997)
21 20A Cigar lighter
22 5A Power mirrors, power antenna, autolamps, decklid lamps
23 5A GEM remote entry, anti-theft
24 5A Integrated control panel, RCC, speedometer
25 10A OBD II
26 15A Decklid release
27 10A Battery saver relay
28 15A Brake lamps, speed control
29 15A Hazard flashers, multi-function switch
30 15A High beams, daytime running lamps, instrument cluster
31 5A Tail lamps
32 10A Integrated control panel, climate controls (1996), heated mirrors
33 5A Power windows, lock illumination
34 Battery saver relay
35 Driver door unlock relay
36 Rear defroster relay
37 Interior lamps relay
38 One touch window down relay
39 Accessory delay relay

Engine compartment

Under-hood fuse box diagram: Mercury Sable (1996, 1997)

Assignment of the fuses and relays in the power distribution box (1996, 1997)

Ampere Rating Description
1 40A Junction block fuse panel
2 30A Electronic engine control
3 40A Ignition switch
4 30A Power locks
5 40A Ignition switch
6 30A Power seats
7 40A Rear defroster
8 30A Thermactor air pump
9 40A Engine cooling fans
10 20A Fuel pump
11 40A Blower motor
12 20A 1996: Semi-active suspension;
1997: Not used
13 40A Anti-lock brake module
14 20A 1996: Radio;
1997: Not used
15 15A Daytime running lamps
16 10A Air bag diagnostic monitor
17 20A 1996: Radio;
1997: Radio, amplifier, CD changer
18 30A 1996: Headlamps;
1997: Anti-lock brake module
19 15A Horn
20 15A Park lamps
21 Not used
22 30A Headlamps
23 Blower motor
24 Intermittent wiper control
25 Wiper relay
26 30A Alternator
27 10A 1996: Hego power;
1997: Not used
28 15A Electronic engine control
29 Washer pump relay
30 Horn relay
31 Autolamp (headlamps)
32 Starter relay
33 Autolamp (parking lamps)

1998, 1999

Instrument Panel

Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Mercury Sable (1998, 1999)

Assignment of the fuses in the instrument panel (1998, 1999)

Ampere Rating Description
1 Not Used
2 5A Instrument Illumination
3 10A Left Low Beam Headlamp
4 10A Right Low Beam Headlamp
5 5A 1998: Brake Shift Interlock, Rear Defrost;
1999: Instrument Cluster, Shift Lock Actuator, Rear Defrost
6 15A 1998: MLPS Switch, Backup Lamps, Speed Control;
1999: TR Sensor, Reverse Lamps, DRL, A/C Controls
7 10A 1998: MLPS Switch, Starter Relay;
1999: TR Sensor, Starter Relay
8 5A Power Antenna, RCU, GEM
9 10A ABS
10 20A PCM Relay, Ignition Coil, PATS, Radio
11 5A Instrument Cluster
12 5A Instrument Cluster, Autolamps, Transmission Control Switch, ICP, GEM
13 5A Air Bag / Electronic Crash Unit (ECU), Blower Motor, EATC
14 5A 1998: Air Suspension;
1999: Semi-Active Ride Control Module
15 10A Multi-Function Switch (Turn Signal)
16 Not Used
17 30A Front Wiper/Washer
18 5A Headlamp Switch
19 15A Rear Wiper/Washer
20 5A ICP, RAP, Phone, GEM (1999)
21 20A Cigar Lighter
22 5A Power Mirrors, Power Antenna, Decklid Lamps, Autolamp
24 5A ICP, RCC, Speedometer
25 10A Data Link Connector (DLC)
26 15A Trunklid
27 10A Battery Saver Relay
28 15A Speed Control, Stop Lamp
29 15A Multi-Function Switch, Hazard
30 15A High Beams, Daytime Running Lamps, Instrument Cluster
31 Not Used
32 10A ICP, Heated Mirrors
33 5A Power Windows, Lock Illumination
34 Battery Saver Relay
35 Driver Door Unlock Relay
36 Rear Defroster Relay
37 Interior Lamp Relay
38 One Touch Window Down Relay
39 Accessory Delay Relay

Engine compartment

Under-hood fuse box diagram: Mercury Sable (1998, 1999)

Assignment of the fuses and relays in the power distribution box (1998, 1999)

Ampere Rating Description
1 40A Fuse Junction Panel
2 30A PCM Relay
3 40A Ignition Switch, Starter Relay
4 30A CB 1998: Accessory Delay Relay, Power Windows, Left/Right Power Seats (will vary depending on date of vehicle build);

1999: Accessory Delay Relay, Power Seat

5 40A Ignition Switch
6 30A Left/Right Power Seats
6 30A 1998: Left/Right Power Seats or Not Used (will vary depending on date of vehicle build);
1999: Not Used
7 40A Rear Window Defrost Relay
8 30 A Thermactor Air ByPass Solenoid, EAM Solid State Relay
9 40A High Speed Cooling Fan Relay, Low Speed Cooling Fan Relay
10 20 Fuel Pump Relay
11 40A Blower Motor Relay
12 Not Used
13 40A Anti-Lock Brake Module
14 Not Used
15 15A Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) Module
16 10A 1998: Air Bag Diagnostic Monitor;
1999: Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
17 20A Rear Control Unit, CD Changer
18 30A Anti-Lock Brake Module
19 15A Horn Relay, Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
20 15A Headlamp Switch, Autolamp Park Relay
21 Not Used
22 30A Autolamps Relay, Multi-Function Switch, Headlamp Switch
23 Blower Motor Relay
24 Starter Relay
25 A/C Clutch Relay
26 30A Generator/voltage Regulator
27 10A A/C Clutch Relay
28 15A Heated Oxygen Sensors, Canister Vent
29 Fuel Pump Relay
30 PCM Relay
31 Low Speed Cooling Fan Relay
32 PCM Diode
33 A/C Clutch Diode
34 Not Used

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